Seasons Greetings Card

Ann Bernklau

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Seasons Greetings Card
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: Add a metallic shine to your card by inking the ripped edges with gold StāzOn. The JeJe peel-offs make a cute photo frames and could also be used as real ornamentsjust string some ribbon through the top to hang.



  1. Place card with the fold on the left. Cut a 5x4 piece of red crinkles cardstock and rip into 1 strips. Cut 5x6 of green crinkles cardstock and rip into 1 strips. Ink one ripped edge of each strip with gold StāzOn. Glue strips to card front as shown, starting from the bottom. Trim excess cardstock.
  2. Find a photo to fit inside your ornament sticker. Peel off the ornament and stick it to the photo so that it frames the photo. Rub down the sticker starting in the center to eliminate air bubbles. Cut out the ornament (including the loop) and foam tape to center of card. String 4 of narrow green ribbon through the loop at the top of the ornament and glue to card as shown. Tie a small bow with the wide red twill ribbon and glue to top of ornament.
  3. Print Seasons Greetings on a 2 x3/4 piece of white cardstock and mat onto red crinkle cardstock, making a 1/8 mat. Glue to card from the right and bottom. Glue snowflake embellishments scattered around the ornament as shown.
  4. Inside the card: Cut a 5x4 piece of red crinkles cardstock. Rip the top and bottom edges and ink them gold. Glue centered to card. Cut 5x2 of green crinkles cardstock, rip top and bottom edges, ink edges gold, and glue to center of red piece. Trim off excess cardstock.
  5. Print a greeting on white cardstock and mat onto red crinkles cardstock, leaving a 1/8 mat. Glue greeting to center of card. Tie a small bow with narrow green ribbon and glue to the bottom right corner of the greeting.