Nutcracker Card Set

Ann Bernklau

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Nutcracker Christmas Card
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: Make the Dazzles really sparkle by backing them with holographic paper. Shade behind Dazzles with black chalk to create a shadow effect.



  1. Place card vertically with fold on the left. Cover card front with green patterned paper. Cut a 5x1 strip of red diamond paper, chalk the top edge with black chalk, and glue to bottom of card.
  2. Place the Merry Christmas Dazzle on red diamond paper and trim around. Glue to the card 1 from the top and from the right. Back the scalloped Christmas border with blue, red, and green holographic papers and glue across the top.
  3. Back the three nutcrackers with various holographic papers. For the face and hands, chalk white paper with peach or orange chalk and back those areas. Use white paper or silver holographic for hair and beard. Color the eyes with a black permanent marker. Place the largest nutcracker from the left and from the bottom and trace around the legs and base lightly with a pencil. Remove nutcracker, chalk with black around the outline to create a shadow effect, then glue nutcracker in place. Repeat this process for the other two nutcrackers as shown. Add silver stars around the greeting.
  4. Inside the card: Cut a 5x4 piece of red diamond and glue to the center of the card. Cut a 5x1 strip of green patterned paper and glue across the bottom of the red piece. Mat an inside greeting on blue holographic paper, leaving a 1/8 border. Glue centered, 1 from the top of the card.
  5. Back the large holly Dazzle with green and red holographic paper and glue above greeting. Back the 3 small nutcrackers with holographic paper like the front. Glue the slightly larger one centered below the greeting and the other two on either side. Add silver stars.