Happy Birthday Pail

Laura Nicholas

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Happy Birthday Pail
By Laura Nicholas

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Designer Tip: To cut a straight line with the scissors, lightly draw with a pencil using a ruler, then cut with the scissors.



  1. Cut a 2 " tall strip of striped paper. Draw a light pencil line with a ruler across the bottom at 2 ". Cut along the pencil line with scallop scissors. Erase the pencil and ink the edges. Mat with 2 " strips of red cardstock.
  2. Mark the end of the handle at the ends of the strips and punch half circles for the opening of the handle. Wrap the papers around and glue to the pail.
  3. Wrap white metallic ribbon around the top of the pail and glue dot a bow to the front.
  4. Cut " strips with scissors of red cardstock and punch half circle at the tops. Glue over the seams of the strips under the handle.
  5. Layer small white paper flower over the large red chip flower and secure with a brad. Ink the edges of the paper leaves and Zot under the red flower. Cut apart pieces of the brown swirl and Zot under the red flower. Foam tape to the front of the pail slightly bending the chips to wrap around the pail.
  6. Cut out a 2" circle of red cardstock. Cut a 1" strip of striped paper with scissors and ink the edges. Glue to the circle and trim ends flush to the circle. Add pen detail and foam tape to the lid.
  7. Layer paper flowers and leaves and secure with a brad. Foam tape to the circle.
  8. Tie knots of ribbon to the handle. Zot the dragonfly chip to the ribbons.
  9. Print greeting onto white cardstock and trim as a tag. Cut the end of the tag with the scissors and ink the edges. Mat with red cardstock. Add a thin strip of striped paper across the tag and add pen detail.
  10. Punch a hole in the tag and tie to the handle with ribbon.