Happy Birthday Card

Laura Nicholas

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Happy Birthday Card
By Laura Nicholas

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Designer Tip: After cutting out the template shape with the Cool Tool, back the areas with different papers for a stained glass look.



  1. Place fold of the card on the left. Cover the card front with dark blue paper. Cut the purple word paper to 4 " x 6 " and blue word paper to 1 " x 6 ". Glue blue word to the right edge of the purple word. Wrap purple and navy ribbon over the seam of the papers and glue to the front of the card.
  2. Using the Cool Tool, cut through the Tex paper using the brass template. Cut out around the shape. Back the different openings with blue floral, light blue and purple papers. Chalk around the edge and mat with dark blue paper. Foam tape to the center of the card.
  3. Add crystals to the navy ribbon.
  4. Mat tags with dark blue paper and foam tape to the edge of the shape. Glue dot a bow to the tags.