Birthday Wishes

Susan Cobb

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Birthday Wishes
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: I used two different border masks to create the spritzed design on the blank card front and the bottom of the large cutout. Stencil tape keeps the mask in place while spritzing the color on the card. I used both colors of smooch to create the pretty pink-orange rose. When spritzing the rose, hold the Smooch at different angles, then keep turning the rose to get in all the areas inside the blossom.



  1. Place paper towels or newsprint over your work area. With the fold at the left, place the card on the paper towel or newsprint. Place one mask centered on the top edge of the card front and extending half-way over the edge of the card, using stencil tape to anchor the sides. Add the second border mask over the center of the card, ¼” below the edge of the first mask. Anchor the sides of the mask with tape. Lightly spritz over the masked areas with both colors of Smooch Spritz, building up color as desired.
  2. Remove the masks and blot them with a paper towel. Replace the first mask that you used on the top of the card at the bottom, in the same manner. Spritz over the mask and card, being careful to aim the spray over the masked area to not add too much color to the rest of the card. Remove the mask. Now very lightly spritz over the card once or twice to add a bit of color to the white areas of the design. Let the card dry.
  3. Place the large foiled cutout on the paper towel or newsprint, then place a border mask over the bottom edge. Very lightly spritz over the mask and cutout. Remove the mask and use a paper towel to wipe off the resist portion of the cutout. Let it dry. Place the tag foiled cutout on the paper towel and Spritz it with both colors, letting the color build up a bit heavier. Use a paper towel to wipe off the resist area of the tag. Let dry. Place a rose on the paper towel or newsprint, and lightly spray with pink, then gold smooch spritz, until you achieve the desired color. Let dry.
  4. Write or computer print “Birthday Wishes” on the center of the cutout and to the card front, right of center. Zot the rose over the upper left portion of the cutout. Zot ribbon as shown.
  5. Inside the card: Write or computer print “May they all come true” on the center of the tag and glue centered to the inside. Zot ribbon to the top of the tag as shown.