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Susan Cobb

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the Chilly Card Set, or you can order them separately.

By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: I used three different colors of DicroFibers@ to create a luminous background for stamping. I placed the white fibers, then added some light green, and light red randomly over the top of the white. Lastly, I added a few fusible opalescent chips around the edges, outside of the area to be stamped. After placing the fibers between the parchment paper, I ironed over it for only a few seconds to fuse the fibers and opalescent chips. Be sure to use enough fibers to create a tightly woven background for stamping.



  1. With the card fold at the top, cover the card front with green/blue/red/white swirls and snowflakes border paper, with swirls at the left side. Cut a 2 ½” x 3 ¼” white rectangle and mat on teal, leaving a 1/16” border at top and bottom, and a ¼” border at sides. Mat again on red dots paper leaving a 1/16” border. Glue matted rectangle to the card front, 3/8” from the right side and 5/8” from the bottom.
  2. Preheat your iron to a silk temperature setting. Choose mostly white, a little bit of light green, and a tiny amount of light red Dicrofibers™. Place the white DicroFibers between half of the heat-resistant parchment paper found in your kit. Add the light green and light red randomly over the top. Sprinkle a few opalescent chips around the edges (outside the area that will be stamped), then fold the other half of the parchment paper over the material. Press over the parchment paper for a few seconds, while gently moving the iron over the parchment causing the fibers to fuse. Carefully check to see if the desired fusing has occurred.
  3. Stamp the Small Snowman on the center of the fused fibers. Trim the bottom with scissors, and pull out fibers on the left side, top, and right side with fingers as desired. Glue centered on the white rectangle on the card front. Stamp “Chilly” and snowflakes as shown, and ink edges of card front. Add crystals and ribbon as shown.
  4. Inside the card: Cut a rectangle from remaining green/blue/red/white swirls and snowflakes border paper, ink edges and mat on teal, then red dots paper. Glue centered to the inside. Stamp “Warm Tidings” beneath the swirls, then stamp snowflakes among the swirls as shown. Add crystals and ribbon.