Trick or Treat Pail

Susan Cobb

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Trick or Treat Pail
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: I used alcohol inks to color this cute Halloween pail, then decorated it with Trick or Treat Dazzles™. This pail is perfect for a child to collect candy in while trick-or-treating, or to use as a Halloween decoration--add a battery-operated tea light to the inside.



  1. Remove the lid from the pail. Apply alcohol blending solution over the plastic surface of the pail with the applicator. Working quickly before the blending solution dries, hold the pail horizontally and squeeze 4 or 5 drops of the purple twilight ink over the side of the pail. Rotate the pail and allow the ink to move all around the plastic surface. You can add a little more blending solution and a few more drops of ink if needed. You don’t want the entire surface to be covered, but you do want the purple ink to move all the way around the pail. Keep turning the pail for a minute or so until the ink is dry.
  2. When the purple ink is dry, add a drop of sunset orange ink to a clear area of the pail, then turn the pail allowing the ink to fill the clear area. Dab at the edges where the orange meets the purple with a paper towel, to dry it quickly so the colors don’t mix. Continue to fill in the remaining clear areas with the sunset orange ink. Let dry. Use a cotton swab to add purple ink around the top and bottom metal rim of the pail, and the metal discs that attach the handle to the pail. Let dry. Use the applicator to ink the center of the lid with purple twilight ink. Let dry.
  3. Glue a piece of lime metallic ribbon around the bottom of the pail. Add Trick or Treat Dazzles™ to the pail over the inked surface, to decorate it. Add stickers to the lid as well. Tie ribbons on the handle.