Recipe Binder

Susan Cobb

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Recipe Binder
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: This recipe binder makes the perfect gift! I used the pink and green papers, but you could use the blue/pink/red cherries paper instead for a very pretty look. I dressed up the double stick cupcake Dazzle™ sticker with glitter, flock, and brown ink (to color the cupcake liner), then featured it on the cute chipboard tag. I embellished the individual sticker pieces separately, then added them to the tag.



  1. Ink the back, spine, edges, and 1” all around the front of the binder. Let dry. Mat a 5 7/8” x 5” green/pink dots paper rectangle on pink/white dots paper, leaving a border with one row of white dots. Glue centered on the front of the binder.
  2. Remove double stick cupcake Dazzles™ pieces and attach to the sticker cover sheet. Add white glitter for the frosting, pink glitter for the topping, and green glitter for the cherry stem. Flock the cherry red. Ink the cupcake liner brown and let dry. Mat the ivory/green chipboard tag with brown cardstock, leaving a thin border. Attach the sticker pieces to the tag. Add a loop of Memory thread at the top of the tag.
  3. Layer flowers and leaves and Zot in place over the upper left corner of the binder. Add flower brads to the flower centers. Mat the “What’s Cooking?” vintage cut on red cardstock, leaving a thin border. Glue vintage cuts to the front of the binder as shown. Attach chipboard pieces as shown, securing the pink glittered heart with foam tape.
  4. For the divider: Cover the divider insert with pink/white dots paper, trimming edges evenly with the divider. Ink edges brown. Mat the kitchen cuts on green/pink dots and or red cardstock, as shown and glue to the divider. Flock a cherry sticker red and glitter the stem green. Attach to the ivory/pink tag and tie at the top with Memory thread. Glue pieces to the divider as shown. Layer flowers and add flower brads as centers. Add chipboard leaves near flowers. Zot as shown. Write or computer print “cakes” on yellow cardstock, ink edges, and glue to the tab.