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Believe Ornament

Susan Cobb

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Believe Ornament
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: This simple but elegant ornament is easy and quick to make, and a great gift idea. Silver tendrils of memory thread embellish the ornament at the neck, and a few Dazzles and dotted ribbon are just the right touch.



  1. Remove the gold top from the glass ornament. Put on your rubber gloves and cover your work area or sink with newspapers or paper towels. While holding the top of the ornament with one hand, turn it so a flat side is facing up. Squeeze some blending solution onto the ornament, turning it so it is covered with the solution. Now squeeze a few drops of Citrus ink onto the ornament, turning to let the ink run over both sides. Add a few drops of silver, then a few more drops of the citrus ink. Keep turning the ornament over and let the inks mix. Add more Citrus or Silver ink until you get the desired look, and turn the ornament over occasionally until the ink dries.
  2. Squeeze a few drops of Silver Mixatives ink on the gold top and spread with the paintbrush to cover. Let dry, then add top to the ornament. Attach Dazzles™ to ornament as shown. Wrap memory thread around the neck of the ornament 3 times, below the silver top. Twist the ends at the neck, then trim ends to 3” long. Wrap each end around the paintbrush handle and pull out slightly to form tendrils at the side of the ornament. Tie ribbon at top as shown.