Thanks, Dad

Susan Cobb

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Thanks, Dad
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: It’s easy to add color to a clear pail with alcohol inks! The rock-a-blocks make stamping easier on the curved surface of the pail, especially for the larger stamp. You might want to wrap scrap paper around the pail and practice stamping on the curved surface if you’re new to this type of stamping. Be sure to let the alcohol inked pail dry thoroughly before stamping on the surface. After stamping, allow the StāzOn ink to dry for at least 5 minutes to prevent smudging.



  1. Put on your rubber gloves, and cover work area or sink with newspapers or paper towels. Remove the lid from the pail and set aside. Have a folded paper towel handy to blot with as needed. Hold the pail sideways and squeeze some blending solution over the side of the pail, then tilt the pail so the solution runs over the surface and covers it. Squeeze several drops of pool ink randomly on the pail while turning it to get some ink on all sides of the pail, but not covering it completely. Now add several drops of hazelnut ink in the same manner. Turn the pail until the clear area is covered with ink. Blot some areas of the ink with a paper towel as the pail is drying, for a different effect. Keep turning the pail until the ink is dry.
  2. Squeeze a few drops of blending solution onto the center of the lid, tilting it so the surface is covered with the solution. Randomly add a couple of drops of pool ink, then hazelnut ink. Tilt the lid slightly to swirl the colors, then lay flat to dry. Use an applicator felt to add hazelnut ink along the top and bottom edges of the pail and let dry.
  3. Add the large circle stamp to the rock-a-block. Ink the stamp well with copper ink and stamp the image on the front of the pail, rolling the stamp over the surface so the stamp touches the pail from one end to another. Let the image dry for at least 5 minutes.
  4. While that dries, place sprig of leaves and “thanks” and “Dad” on a small acrylic block and stamp images on the lid as shown. Stamp “You are my” and “superstar” centered inside the stamped circle image. Stamp a leaf on each side of the circle. Zot ribbon around the bottom of the pail. Tie ribbons on the handle as shown.