“Happy Anniversary” card

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Happy Anniversary
By LeNae Gerig



  1. Cover the card front with burgundy paper and trim the edges even with the card sides. Cut the navy blue paper to a 4 3/4” x 6 1/4” rectangle and glue centered over the burgundy.
  2. Starting 1” from the top of the card, glue the ribbons across the card front and trim evenly with the card sides. Start with the navy ribbon and 1/2” below the navy, add burgundy ribbon. Leave another 1/2”, then add another length of navy ribbon. Cut a 3/4” x 5” strip of black glimmer paper. Center and glue a burgundy ribbon length on the strip. Attach a pinwheel and brad to each end. Glue the strip 1” from the bottom of the card as shown.
  3. Cut the “Happy Anniversary” quote into a rectangle and mat on black glimmer paper, leaving a 1/16” wide mat. Tear out the remaining quotes and mat with glimmer paper, leaving 1/8” wide mats. Cut two 3” burgundy ribbon lengths and tie each to the edge of a spiral clip. Slip one clip and ribbon onto the edge of each matted quote on the front of the card. Apply foam tape to the back of the quotes and attach over ribbons on the card front as shown.
  4. For the inside: Cut a 3” wide strip of burgundy paper. Center vertically and glue to the inside back of the card; trim the paper edges even with the card sides. Glue the remaining card quote centered over the strip. Knot the remaining 3” length of navy ribbon and trim the tails to 1/2” long. Attach the knot to the quote as shown using a Mini Glue Dot™.

LeNae Gerig

A Tip From LeNae:

A handmade card from your loved one makes an anniversary even more special. I combined Love Card Quotes with masculine papers from the Jewel Creative pack to create this gorgeous anniversary card.

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