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  1. Ink the edges of the light brown leaves paper to use as the background. Ink the edges of a 10 3/4"x7" piece of brown leaves paper, then mat the top, left and bottom edges on black cardstock and trim to 1/16". Glue the paper over the top of the background, even with the right edge.
  2. Mat two 4"x6" photos on black cardstock and trim to 1/16". Glue the photos side-by-side over the right side of the brown leaves paper, leaving the left edge of the left photo unglued.
  3. Place the large brown tag with the tab on the left and computer journal the location on it. Ink the edges of the tag, then mat it on black cardstock and trim to 1/16". Glue the tag centered to the left of the left photo, tucking the right edge under the unglued edge of the photo. Knot a 3" length of ribbon and attach it over the tag's tab with a Zot™, then finish gluing the photo in place on the page.
  4. Computer journal the subject's age and the date on the small brown tags (with the tabs on the left), then ink the edges. Fold two 2" lengths of ribbon in half and use mini brads to secure the loose ends behind each tag's tab. Glue the tags above and below the location tag to the left of the photos.
  5. Computer journal the letters of the subject's name on brown leaves paper, adding extra space between each letter. Crop each letter to a 1"x3 1/8" strip and ink the edges. Mat the left, top and right edges of the letters on black cardstock and trim the mats to 1/16". Add ribbon to the top of each letter in a variety of ways, as shown. Glue the letters evenly spaced, even with the bottom right edge of the page.
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Paris Dukes

A Tip From Paris:
While repetition brings balance to your layout, a little variety adds a lot of interest–and you don't have to choose one or the other! I chose a neutral brown and black color scheme to repeat throughout this layout, and also repeated the pattern in the background using two shades of brown paper with the same leafy pattern. Using the same embellishments throughout the page offers more repetition, but that's also where the variety comes in! Basic black grosgrain ribbon brings repeating color and texture to the page, but adding the ribbon in a variety of ways (bows, knots, tabs, criss-crosses, etc.) makes each individual element a little more eye-catching. Use repetition to unify your layout, then add a little variety to make it pop!

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