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By Laura Nicholas

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  1. Remove posts and page protectors from the album. Ink the edges and the spine.
  2. Cover the front, spine and back with striped paper. Cover the inside covers with yellow checked paper and ink the edges.
  3. Cut a 2" strip of red paper; ink the edges and glue vertically down the front of the album. Cut a 3" strip of blue paper, a little shorter than the red, and overlap the red. Cut a 3" strip of yellow checked paper and glue horizontally across the cover. Cut a1" strip of green paper, ink the edges and add apple brads to the ends of the strip. Glue it overlapping the blue and yellow papers.
  4. Create a collage with lightly sanded punch-outs; layer the spoon, spatula and measuring spoons and glue to the cover as shown. Glue dot a red bow to the handle. Add recipe cards to the folder and glue next to the spatula.
  5. Attach mini brads to the word strips and foam tape around the punch-outs. Add pen work around the edges of the strips of paper.
  6. For the page: Cut the blue checked paper to 8"x8". Attach a 3" border of striped paper to the left side.
  7. Print the recipe onto white cardstock, trim and mat with red paper. Trim a photo and add to the recipe. Wrap the end of the recipe with yellow ribbon and glue dot a bow at the top.
  8. Layer strips of green and yellow paper under the recipe. Add pen stitching to the strips and 3 mini brads above the photo. Attach to the page.
  9. Lightly sand the cookie jar Brad Buddy™ and punch-outs and add to the bottom of the yellow strip with a mug shaped brad.

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