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Layouts With Pizazz
Layouts With Pizazz

Back to School
By Shauna Berglund-Immel



  1. Frame the photos with the large and medium Attachments™ School Frames and trim the excess photo from around the frames.
  2. Cut a 4 7/8” wide piece of school graffiti paper. Mat the long right side of this strip on solid black paper and trim the mat to 1/8”. Layer this matted strip over the yellow lined paper, aligning the left side of the matted strip with the left side of the yellow lined paper, and adhere. Arrange the framed photos on the background paper as shown.
  3. Cut out the “first day of school,” “back to school,” “fun times” and “my photo” artwork and attach them over the framed photos with foam mounting tape. Attach one mini silver brad on each end of the “first day of school” and “back to school” artwork.
  4. Cut two short strips of black with ivory dots ribbon and tie them into knots. Use Ultimate Glue to adhere these knots to the large frames. Cut one short strip of black and ivory gingham ribbon and knot it, then secure it to the top right corner of the page.
  5. Cut out the alphabet tile numbers into circles. Use foam mounting tape to adhere the alphabet tiles to two small frames as shown, then overlap and adhere these frames to the background paper. Cut and tie one strip of black and ivory gingham ribbon into a knot and adhere this to the frame using a Glue Dot™.
  6. Attach the fabric pocket to the bottom right corner of the page as shown. Cut a small piece of the notebook variety paper, fold it in half with the fold on the left side and staple it to keep it folded. Tuck this folded piece of paper into the zippered pocket and attach a piece of knotted black with ivory dots ribbon to the folded piece of paper using a Glue Dot™.
  7. Adhere a square alphabet tile (representing the grade level) to the right side of a small frame. Tuck the right side of the frame under the left side of the pocket and adhere the frame to the background paper. Top the frame with a knotted piece of black and white gingham ribbon using a Glue Dot™.
  8. Cut off the “school” tag with the ball-chain from the top of the vinyl tag. Wrap the ball-chain around the zipper pull on the pocket and use Glue Dots™ to secure the tag on top of the pocket.
  9. Cut a piece of notebook variety paper the same size as the remaining vinyl tag. Staple the tag on top of the paper and adhere it to the background paper, tucking the bottom right corner of the tag under the pocket.
  10. Journal on the background paper using a black pen.

Shauna Berglund-Immel

A Tip From Shauna:

Fitting a lot of photos on one page can sometimes be a challenge. In this “Back to School” layout, I was able to fit four photos on the page by using Attachments™ Frames – plus I still had room for embellishing! The frames let me display my photos in smaller sizes, while defining the edges and making the photos stand out on top of my background papers.

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