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Father Card
By LeNae Gerig



For card front:

  1. Cover the lower 1/3 of the card front with brown and green sponged paper. Tear the lower edge of the green leaf paper and cover the top 2/3 of the card. Trim the edges even with the card sides.
  2. Cut out the leaf squares and mount with foam tape over the torn edge with two on point and the center mounted as a square. Crop the card quote and mat on green parchment. Chalk the letters with green. Tear two 1” wide strips of brown texture that are slightly smaller than the card quote. Glue the strips to the top and bottom back of the matted quote. Attach this piece to the card front as shown. Glue a length of ribbon to the lower portion of the card front with Glue Dots™. Knot remaining ribbon and trim tails to 1” long, use a Glue Dot™ to attach to the top of the matted card quote.
For the inside:
  1. Cover the inside of the card with brown and green sponged. Tear a 2” wide strip of green leaves and glue down the center as shown. Crop the card quote and mat on green parchment. Chalk the letters with brown and glue to the inside of the card as shown.

LeNae Gerig

A Tip From LeNae:

Need the perfect card to tell your father how much you care? Show your love and appreciation for Father’s Day (or just because) with this heartfelt handmade card. For perfect papers, check out the new Cardmaker’s™ Earth Tones Creative Pack with a variety of tan, green and brown tones—great for any masculine paper crafting project!

Card reprinted from Cardmaker’s™ Earth Tones Creative Pack. See your local retailer for project supplies.

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