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Life is a Beach
By Laura Nicholas

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Left Page

  1. Cut the orange paper to 7"x9 ½" and glue to the right edge of the left page, 1" from the bottom. Cut the blue paper to 7"x11"and glue from the left edge overlapping the orange. Cut a slit along the edges of the orange paper and tuck aqua ribbon through the slits. Secure behind the page, and add mini brads to the ends of the ribbons.
  2. Mat photos with white cardstock and foam tape to the blue strip. Cut a 2 ½"x3" piece of yellow paper and tuck under the photos. Add pen detail around the edges of the papers.
  3. Back Dazzlesâ„¢ with papers and cut flush along the stickers. Foam tape to the wide photo mat with punch-outs. Tuck the tab under the photos and add mini brads to the label. Foam tape over the shell stickers. Add small crab Dazzleâ„¢ to the yellow paper tucked under the photo. Glue dot bows to the top and bottom of the blue strip.
  4. Print journaling onto white cardstock and glue under the photos. Add backed Dazzlesâ„¢ around the journaling and above the photos with small shaped brads.

Right Page

  1. Cut a 5" strip of blue paper and glue ½" from the right edge of the right page. Cut a 9 ½" square of yellow paper and overlap the blue strip. Wrap aqua ribbon over the papers and tuck the ends behind the page. Secure the ends with mini brads.
  2. Mat photos with white cardstock and orange paper. Overlap the photos and glue to the yellow mat. Add bracket punch-outs to frame to the smaller photo. Glue dot a bow to one of the brackets. Add pen detail around the edges of the papers.
  3. Embellish the punch-outs by tearing a piece of tan paper and gluing across the bottom of sand and tucking the shovel Dazzleâ„¢ into the sand. Add a sun shaped brad to the sun punch-out. Back a section of the wave border Dazzleâ„¢ with blue paper and cut flush to the sticker. Glue across the bottom of the ocean punch-out and foam tape overlapping the photos.
  4. Create a title with the Dazzlesâ„¢, umbrella, bucket Brad Buddieâ„¢ and sunglasses shaped brad. Back the umbrella with orange paper and a small shell Dazzleâ„¢ with tan. Cut out and glue with the bucket around the words to the bottom corner of the yellow mat.
  5. Add a journaling block overlapping with the photos.

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