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Hailey mini album page

Layouts With Pizazz
Layouts With Pizazz


By Laura Nicholas



  1. Use the burgundy textured paper as the background. Glue a 2"-wide strip of multi stripes paper (stripes running horizontally) even with the left edge of the page, leaving the right edge of the strip unglued. Glue the brown grosgrain border even with the right edge of the multi stripes paper strip. Ink the edges of the page brown.
  2. Mat a small photo (approximately 4" square) on tan textured paper, trimming the mat to 1/8". Mat again on dark brown textured paper, trimming the left, top and right sides to 3/8" and leaving the bottom edge at 1 1/8". Crisscross two lengths of white sheer ribbon across the large bottom edge of the mat, wrapping the ends around the edges of the mat to secure on the back. Glue the matted photo centered on the burgundy portion of the background, 1/2" from the top edge. Cut out the "remarkable", "marvelous" and "charming" barcode labels and glue them down the top right corner of the photo.
  3. Use the template or punch to create one rose shape out of aqua textured paper, inking the edges of the petals before folding into shape. Loop two lengths of white sheer ribbon and add them on opposite sides behind the folded flower, holding them in place with a white brad in the center of the flower. Use foam tape to secure the flower beneath the bottom right corner of the photo, overlapping the ribbons that run along the bottom of the photo mat. Glue alphabet tiles centered under the photo to spell the name.
  4. Use the template or punch to create five rose shapes out of aqua textured paper, inking the edges of the petals before folding into shape. Tuck four of the shapes halfway under the unglued right edge of the striped border, using a white brad to hold each flower in place. Glue the right edge of the border in place. Loop a length of white sheer ribbon and tuck it behind the final flower, then attach the flower over the right edge of the border.

Love the folded flower look? For hands-on instruction and tons of fabulous Fold-It Swirls projects, head to our Paper Wishes Weekly Webisodes archive to check out 2 Fold-It Swirls segments: Fold-It Swirls Template and Fold-It Swirls Punches!

Laura Nicholas

A tip from Laura: I accented the border on this mini album page with a series of five folded flower shapes tucked halfway under the border. Rather than tucking half of the shape under the border, you might also try cutting the folded shapes in half and tucking the cut edge under the border. This will minimize the amount of bulk under the border and allow it to lay flat. To tie the flowers in with the rest of the layout and allow the viewer to see the whole flower shape, I added one whole flower overlapping the edge of the border and one underneath the photo. Attaching the folded flowers with a brad in the center of each also ensures that all the folded petals stay in place.

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