You & Me

You & Me
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You & Me
By LeNae Gerig

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For the Left Page:

  1. Place one sheet of light blue paper with the circles and dots corner in the top left. Ink the edges of a 7 1/4"x5 1/4" piece of lavender wavy border paper (including the border along the top edge), then glue just left of center over the background paper. Ink the long edges of a 1 3/4"-wide strip of striped paper (stripes running vertically), and glue across the page, running over the bottom of the lavender paper. Add two lavender brads down the left end of the striped strip.
  2. Mat a 7"x5" photo on black cardstock, leaving the top edge unglued, and trim the mat to 1/16". Glue the photo over the lower right portion of the lavender paper piece. Computer journal the year onto white cardstock and ink the edges. Glue the year behind the top right edge of the photo, then finish gluing the top edge of the photo in place. Zot™ a bow of sheer pink dotted ribbon to the right of the photo, centered on the striped paper strip.
  3. Using the template, trace swirl D around the top right corner of the photo. Trace swirls E, F and G overlapping each other across the bottom of the page (do not trace the dots for swirls E and F).
  4. Tie blue swirl ribbon around the bottom of a pink "Y" monogram. Add three yellow and light blue brads down the left side of a lavender "U" monogram, then tie pink stitched ribbon around the right side. Glue the "Y", the "U" and a pink ampersand evenly spaced over the swirls at the bottom of the page. Use a lavender brad to attach a yellow silk flower in the space between the "Y" and the "U" to complete the word "you". Zot™ a bow of sheer yellow ribbon over the left side of the ampersand.

For the Right Page:

  1. Place the other sheet of light blue paper with the circles and dots corner in the top right. Ink the edges of a 5 1/4"x7 1/4" piece of striped paper (stripes running horizontally) and glue it in the upper left portion of the page. Mat a 5"x7" photo on black cardstock, trim the mat to 1/16" and glue over the lower right portion of the striped paper. Add two pink brads down the top left edge of the striped paper and trace swirl D around the corner.
  2. Trace swirls C, E, F and G overlapping down the right side and below the photo. Layer a pink silk flower on top of a large yellow flower and attach the flowers in the bottom right corner of the photo with three lavender brads. Use pink and lavender mini brads to attach small pink and lavender flowers over the swirls to the right of the photo.
  3. Computer journal "Together" on white cardstock, crop to a tag shape and ink the edges. Punch a hole in the tab, run embroidery floss through and knot the tails to form a loop. Glue the tag to the lower right of the layered silk flowers, wrapping the loop around one of the brads in the center of the flower.
  4. Add three yellow and lavender brads to a pink "M" monogram and tie yellow sheer ribbon around a lavender "E" monogram. Glue the monograms overlapping the bottom left corner of the photo.

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A tip from LeNae: When working with the Swirly Doodles template, my favorite pen is a double-sided brush marker. This marker gives me a fine tip for tracing around the edges and getting into the thin areas at the tips of the swirls. It also gives me a thicker brush tip to easily fill in the larger center areas of the swirl, rather than scribbling away with a fine tip. The best of both worlds!

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