Mr. and Mrs. Williams Page

Mr. and Mrs. Williams Page
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Mr. and Mrs. Williams Page
By Laura Nicholas

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Left Page

  1. Cut a 5 ¾" strip of striped foil board and mat with white cardstock. Glue across the black/silver floral foil on the bottom third of the page. Trim two sections of the filmstrip overlay and back with white cardstock. Glue to the left side of the striped foil.
  2. Trace and cut out birds from pink and purple cardstock. Ink the edges, add pen work and add mini brads for the eyes. Trace and cut out wings using the vellum. In the larger birds, cut a slit with an x-acto knife and thread the wings through. Foam tape the birdies to the filmstrip. For the smaller bird, glue dot wings to the bird and glue to the top of the striped strip.
  3. Mat two 4"x3" photos with pink and purple cardstock. Mat again onto white. Trim a slit in the mat between the photos and thread ribbon through. Tuck the ends behind and glue to the striped foil. Secure a small flower with mini brad.
  4. Print journaling onto white cardstock. Ink the edges and mat with purple cardstock. Glue below the photos and add pewter brads.

Right Page

  1. Cut a 3" strip of striped foil and glue to the bottom of the black silver floral. Back a strip of filmstrip with white cardstock and glue overlapping the striped foil.
  2. Trace and cut out birds from pink and purple cardstock. Ink the edges, add pen work then cut a slit in the birds and add vellum folded wings. Add mini brads for the eyes and foam tape to the filmstrip.
  3. Mat 4"x6" photos with cardstock and again on white. Wrap one end of the photo mat with ribbon and tuck the ends behind the mat. Glue the photos to the black silver floral foil. Glue dot a bow to the top of the photo mat. Add a small flower with mini brad.

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Laura Nicholas

Designer Tip: Add extra details to the birds with pen work and by inking the edges. You can also add a different look to the birds by mixing the styles of wings.


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