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By LeNae Gerig

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  1. Use the burlap paper as the background. Glue an 8"x10 3/4" piece of dotted paper in the top left corner of the burlap. Glue a 6"x10 1/4" piece of orange cardstock to the dotted paper, just left of center and extending slightly off the bottom edge. Glue a 6 3/4"x10" photo to the orange cardstock, extending off the right side and leaving 1/8" visible around the remaining edges.
  2. Staple a 3 1/2" length of gingham ribbon diagonally over the bottom left corner of the photo. Computer journal on white cardstock, crop to 4 strips and ink the edges of each. Glue the strips overlapping the top left corner of the photo, adding Jack-O-Lantern brads to the end of two strips.
  3. Punch out yellow monograms to spell "pumpkin", then sand the surface and ink the edges of each (turn a "d" upside down to use as the second "p"). Attach the letters along the right side of the page, accenting as follows:
    • Fold gingham ribbon around the left side of the "p" and attach with a Jack-O-Lantern brad. Foam tape the letter in place.
    • Cover the "u" with dotted paper and add a Jack-O-Lantern brad to the bottom right edge.
    • Knot black ribbon around the center of the "m".
    • Glue a strip of dotted paper across the center of the second "p". Use a craft knife to cut the paper from the center of the "p" and add a Jack-O-Lantern brad to the left side.
    • Knot gingham ribbon around the left leg of the "k" and add a Jack-O-Lantern brad to the right leg.
    • Mat a 1 1/2"x2 1/4" piece of black cardstock on orange cardstock (leaving the right edge unglued), and trim the mat to 1/8". Computer journal the year on white cardstock, ink the edges and glue behind the right edge of the black cardstock. Glue the "i" centered on the black cardstock, accent with three black mini brads and use a Jack-O-Lantern brad to dot the "i".
    • Knot gingham ribbon around the left side of the "n" and add a Jack-o-Lantern brad to the right side.

Jack-O-Lantern Brads
Add a grinning accent to Halloween projects with decorated brads!
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A tip from LeNae: Create coordinating accents by covering monograms with patterned paper! To cover a monogram with paper, simply apply glue stick to the surface of the monogram. Press the glued surface to the back side of your choice of paper, then place on a cutting mat. Trace around the edges of the monogram with a craft knife to trim away the excess paper. A small pair of sharp scissors will also work to trim away the paper, though you'll want to keep a craft knife on hand to remove the paper from the center of letters like "o" and "p". You can cover the entire letter with paper, as I did on the "u", or partially cover the letter, like I did with the "p".

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