“Love” card

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Love Card
By Paris Dukes

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For the Front of the Card:

  1. Cover the front of the card with pink canvas words paper. Cut a 5” square of pink textured words paper, and tear along one edge. Orient the paper so the torn edge runs along the top, then glue over the pink canvas words paper, flush with the bottom edge of the card.
  2. Cut out and assemble one glassine envelope. Cut one 4 1/2” length each of pink grosgrain, pink/white woven and white/white woven ribbons. Lay each ribbon across the front of the envelope at diagonal angles, overlapping each other in the center. Wrap the ends of the ribbons around the edges of the envelope to secure them on the back, then add one gold mini clip at the point where all of the ribbons intersect. Cut out the small purple tag and glue it on the envelope front at an angle under the gold clip and intersecting ribbons. Cut out the word “Love” from the word fragments and glue it at an angle across the front of the tag, then secure the envelope at a slight angle on the lower portion of the card front.
  3. Cut out the quote and crop to a square shape, then mat on pink vellum and trim the mat to 1/8”. Glue the matted quote at an angle on the card front with one corner tucked inside the top of the envelope.

For the Inside of the Card:

  1. Cut a 3 1/2”x6 1/2” piece of pink textured words paper and glue it centered down the inside of the card.
  2. Cut out the quote and mat it on pink vellum, then trim the mat to 1/8”. Glue the matted quote just right of center on the inside of the card.

Paris Dukes

A Tip From Paris: For a handmade, shabby-chic look on your projects, try tearing the edges of some papers, then leave them as is or chalk or ink the torn edges to make them stand out. You can create two different effects by tearing paper–either a white torn edge or a solid torn edge.

Pull the paper toward you to create a white edge.

Pull the paper away from you for a solid edge with no visible white.

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