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All I Want for Christmas Page
By Ann Bernklau

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Ann Bernklau

Ann's Tip: Mixing foils with white cardstock creates a nice contrast between metallic and matte.

Don't use foil paper to make the tabs of the pocket (it's thick and doesn't fold easily). Instead, make the complete pocket separately from thinner paper or cardstock and cover just the front with a rectangle of foil paper if you wish.

You can fill the pocket with a piece of journaling, a small photo, a gift tag, ticket stubs, or other Christmas memento.

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  1. Start with the Christmas Stripes with the stripes vertical. Glue a 3 3/4"x12" strip of red foil flush with the right edge.
  2. Mat a 7"x5" photo on white cardstock, leaving a 1/4" border. Glue to page 1/2" from the top and left side. Mat two 2 1/2"x4" photos on white cardstock, leaving a 1/4" border. Glue one to the page 3/8" from the bottom and right and glue the other 3/8" above the first.
  3. Cut a 1 3/4"x3" piece of white cardstock, write a title on it, and glue to page 1/2" from the top and 3/8" from the right.
  4. Trace just the stocking shape (excluding the pocket) on the back of Blue Tapestry foil and cut out. Trace just the pocket on white cardstock (or scrap paper), including tabs on the right, left and bottom (you need to flip the template over to trace the tab on the other side). Fold the left and bottom tabs in, then fit the pocket on the stocking. Then fold the remaining tab over to the back of the stocking. Glue the bottom tab to the stocking and the side tabs to the back of the stocking.
  5. Trace the pocket without the tabs onto the back of Red Tapestry foil and cut out. Glue the rectangle directly over the pocket to cover the white cardstock (or scrap paper). Cut the heel and toe of the stocking out of Red Tapestry foil and glue onto stocking. Cut the cuff out of white cardstock and glue to top of stocking.
  6. Trace and cut out a tag from white cardstock, write a wish list on it and mat it onto Blue Tapestry, leaving a 1/4" border. Punch the hole in the tag and insert 8" of red grosgrain ribbon. Tie in a knot and insert tag into pocket. Repeat this process to make the second stocking, just use the opposite colors (Red Tapestry instead of Blue Tapestry and vice versa).
  7. Glue the first stocking overlapping the large photo, 3/4" from the left and bottom. Glue the second stocking about 3/4" away from the first.

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