Birthday Wishes card

Birthday Wishes card
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Birthday Wishes card
By Tessa Bundy

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  1. Position the card vertically. Open the card and fold both halves to the middle so that the edges meet at the center crease.
  2. To cover each flap: First cover flap with brown circle design paper. Tear one long edge of a 6 1/2" tall strip of pink dotted paper then trim to about 1 1/4" wide. Tear one long edge of a 6 1/2" tall strip of blue textured paper. Mat the pink strip over the blue strip so that 1/8"-1/4" of the torn blue edge shows beneath the torn pink edge and trim the other end of the blue paper even to the pink strip. Attach along the inside edge of the flap so that the torn edges face outwards. Trim 1/4" strip of dark brown paper and glue along inner edge of flap.
  3. Close the flaps. Stamp two large butterfly wings 1 1/2" from the top of the card and centered over the two flaps. Emboss with copper embossing powder. In brown ink, stamp one small butterfly in the lower left corner and one in the upper right. Do not emboss.
  4. Trace a small tag (or cut corners of a 5/8" by 1 3/8" rectangle) and mat on blue paper leaving 1/16" border. Ink the edges of the blue matting brown. Write "birthday wishes" across the tag, horizontally. Attach a mini turquoise brad through the top of the tag and attach with foam tape just below the butterfly wings on the right flap.
  5. For the Inside: Cover with brown circle design paper. Cut a piece of the same size of pink dotted paper and tear down the middle diagonally, from the upper left to the lower right. Mat on blue paper and tear so that 1/8"-1/4" blue border shows behind the pink torn edge. Attach to the lower left corner of the card. Stamp a butterfly in brown ink in the lower left corner.


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Tessa Bundy
Tessa's Tip:
When tearing an edge, if you want the edge to have a bit of white paper showing along the tear, tear the paper towards yourself with the patterned side up. If you want a clean edge, tear away from yourself. For this card a white edge gives a little more definition between the patterned papers. I chose to emboss the central stamped image and leave other stamped images without embossing. Embossing the butterfly wings helps to thicken the fine lines so that it stand out more.

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