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A Visit to the Zoo
By LeNae Gerig



  1. Use the black, tan and brown color-blocked paper for your background. Mat the large photo with a wide mat of brown woven and a thin mat of black. Crop the remaining photos into smaller rectangles and squares. Mat two on brown and the other three on black. Arrange them on the bottom of the page as shown.
  2. Computer journal and print on tan vellum. Leave several inches above the journaling and tear around the edges. Cut the “nature” definition into a rectangle and mat with brown woven paper. Punch holes at the top and three evenly spaced across the bottom edge. Add the brads as shown.
  3. Glue the vellum strip to the page as shown. Glue the definition over the vellum, leaving a little of the torn vellum edge showing. Cut out the alphabet tiles. Cut 1/2” lengths of thread and hold the ends together to make a loop. Hang the loops over the brads at the bottom of the quote and use foam tape to attach them to the alphabet tiles.
  4. Cut 2” to 4” lengths of two fibers and secure to the top edge of the large photo as shown. Cut out the fragments and mount with foam tape.

LeNae Gerig

A Tip From LeNae:

I overlapped the photos on two color block sections to “interrupt” the lines created by the blocks. This technique keeps the viewer’s eyes moving around the page. Also, I cut out small photos from the same trip to the zoo to fit more than one picture on the layout—I arranged them at angles on the bottom for added dimension.

Project reprinted from Kyla’s Classic Color Block Papers. See your local retailer for project supplies.

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