Father and Daughter Page

Father and Daughter Page
Layouts With Pizazz

Father and Daughter Page
By Tessa Bundy

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  1. Trim a photo to 5 1/4"x3 3/4" and sand the edges. Cut a green cardstock mat 3/4" larger than the photo. Stamp the stripes border around the edge of the matting in brown ink, ink the edges of the matting, then attach the photo to the center.
  2. Mat the photo on purple swirls patterned paper leaving a 1/8" border on the left, top, and bottom, and 1 1/4" border on the right. Ink the edges of the matting brown. Stamp the swirls border centered along the right side of the mat. Attach the mat to the swirls border page so that photo is centered on the green, to the right of the swirls border and 7/8" from the top of the page. (Leave the LEFT edge loose for now.)
  3. Cut a 3 1/4" tall strip of green cardstock and ink the top and bottom edges. Mat on purple swirls patterned paper, leaving 1/8" border at the top and bottom. Ink the edges of the matting and stamp the stripes border along the right edge of the strip. Attach the strip horizontally across the bottom portion of the page, 7/8" from the bottom edge. Cut three 3" square photos and sand the edges. Attach the photos in a row along the strip, leaving a 1/16" green border showing around each photo.
  4. Cut out and journal on a purple tag. Attach the tag, overlapping the right edge of the rightmost small square photo, using a brown mini brad. Journal on a 2 5/8" rectangle of green cardstock, leaving space on the right edge (journaling about 2 1/4" wide). Ink the edges of the cardstock, then mat on the purple swirls patterned paper, leaving 1/8" border all around. Ink the edges of the mat then attach it to the page, slipping the right edge under the left edge of the large matted photo.
  5. Attach a small brown flower with a brown standard brad to the matting at the left of the larger photo, overlapping the bottom corner of the journaling. Thread two medium and one large brown buttons with thin strips of purple swirls patterned paper and attach with Zots™, as shown. Attach two brown mini brads to the green paper along the upper right edge of the matting of larger photo. Ink the edges of the page.


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Tessa Bundy
Tessa's Tip:
To achieve the striped border around the photo, first stamp along the bottom edge, 7/8" in from the left side. Turn the matting clockwise and stamp again beginning at the edge of the stripes. Repeat, so that the last stamp fills in the space to the left of the first stamp.

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