“Winter Wonderland” ornament

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Winter Wonderland Ornament

By Susan Cobb



  1. Cut a 1”x3” piece of blue mesh paper for the background and arrange it so it lies vertically. Mat a small 5/8” square photo on blue textured paper, trimming the mat to 1/16”. Glue the matted photo about 1/8” up from the bottom edge of the blue mesh paper.
  2. Cut out the “Winter Wonderland” snowflake plus one small snowflake and the children with snowman artwork. Arrange on the blue mesh paper as shown and glue in place. Add a small strip of silver mesh between the artwork and the photo and add one silver star confetti in the bottom right corner of the photo.
  3. Cut a 1”x3” piece of blue snowflakes paper and arrange it so it lies vertically. Cut out the “Let It Snow” label and glue it vertically on the blue snowflakes paper. Add one silver star confetti to the top left corner of the label.
  4. Use wire cutters to cut a 3” piece of wire. Make a loop in the center of the wire, twisting the wire at the base of the loop. Thread both tails of the wire through 3 seed beads and bend the wire ends upward–one to the left and one to the right. Place the wire between both the blue mesh and the blue snowflake collaged papers so the loop extends from the top. Glue the papers together back to back, securing the wire in between.
  5. Sandwich the papers between two pieces of Memory Glass. Peel about 1” of the paper backing off the roll of silver foil tape, then press the end of the tape down on the edges of the glass pieces, just next to the base of the wire loop. Make sure the tape is centered over the edges of the glass pieces, then carefully wrap the foil tape around all edges of the glass, removing the paper backing as you go. When you reach the wire loop at the end, cut the foil tape and cut a slit in the end. Wrap one side of the slit around each side of the wire loop. Use a bone folder to press down the tape at the corners of the ornament and run it along the edges of the glass to press down and burnish the foil tape.

Susan Cobb

A tip from Susan: Microscope slide projects make great ornaments and gift tags–you can totally personalize them to make them extra special. When wrapping the edges of your ornament with foil tape, either use one hand to hold the glass pieces together tightly and the other hand to guide the tape, or use a binder clip to hold the glass together and remove it just before you add the tape to that edge. Make sure you have the ornament on a flat surface when wrapping the edges so you don’t add too much pressure and accidentally crack the glass.

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