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Let It Snow

Layouts With Pizazz
Layouts With Pizazz

Let It Snow

By Laura Nicholas



  1. Place the light blue bordered paper with the border on the left. Glue the "Let it snow!" border cut-out just right of the printed background border, then add the "snow day" tab to the lower left edge of the border cut-out.
  2. Mat a horizontal photo on white cardstock and trim the mat to 1/8". Mat again on light blue snowflake paper and trim to 1". Mat a third time on aqua textured paper, trimming the mat to 1/8". Wrap a length of light blue sheer ribbon around the bottom of the matted photo and knot the tails on the front. Glue the photo 1 1/2" from the top of the page. Use foam tape to add word fragments at varying angles to the left and right of the photo. Attach three snowflake Brad Buddies™ around the photo using the included brads.
  3. Use foam tape to attach the "snow" title in the bottom right corner of the page, then add a snowflake Brad Buddy™ over the letter "o" snowflake. Tie a 6" length of light blue sheer ribbon into a shoestring bow and use a Glue Dot™ to attach the bow over the letter "s". Mat alphabet tiles side-by-side on white cardstock to spell "let" and "it", trimming the mats to 1/16". Glue them to the left of the word snow to complete the phrase "let it snow".
  4. Mat three snowman cut-outs side-by-side on white cardstock, trimming the mat to 1/16". Glue the snowmen over the right side of the page, centered between the matted photo and the page title.
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Laura Nicholas

A tip from Laura: When working with many small embellishments, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out how to give your pages a little more visual weight and fill in some of those empty areas throughout the layout. A solution? Try matting multiple embellishments together on one piece of paper or cardstock to turn them into larger embellishments. For example, rather than attach each of the alphabet tiles individually to create my page title, I matted the tiles on white cardstock to spell each word, then attached the whole word to my page instead of a bunch of small tiles. I repeated the technique with three snowman cut-outs below the photo.

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