8x8 Our Story Album

Ann Bernklau

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8x8 Our Story Album
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tip: Aleene's Tacky Glue is great for gluing down thicker objects like paper butterflies and chipboard pieces. A fun way to use the numbers in the pack of Affirmations is to spell out an important date: 3-6-10, for example.



  1. Remove the binding posts. Use the copper inkpad to ink the edges, spine, and creases of the album cover. Take the roses/text paper and cut a 1"x8 ¾" strip off the rose edge. Ink the edges copper and glue along the spine over the holes. Punch or cut out the holes with an craft knife. Ink the edges of an 8 5/8" square of roses/text paper and glue to the cover (avoiding the crease). Glue small strips of pink texture and dark brown texture over the right top corner and trim excess.
  2. Decorative Journaling Tags: Glue a paper flower to the left side of a scalloped rectangle tag. Write a title on the tag and glue to cover ¼" from the top and 1 ¾" from the left. Glue a lined scalloped circle tag 1 ¼" from the top and ½" from the right. Glue a scalloped circle tag ½" from the bottom and 1 ¾" from the right.
  3. Journaling pages: Take the birdcage journaling page and ink the edges black. With an craft knife, cut around just the right wing on the birdcage. Glue the page to the album tilted to the left below the title tag, but don't glue down the loose right wing. Ink the edges of the pink-framed journaling page black. Lifting the wing on the birdcage page, glue down the pink page. Glue a lined square Kraft tag at the bottom, overlapping the two journaling pages. Trim the excess paper with an craft knife to so everything is flush with the edges of the cover.
  4. Using Metallic Copper St?zOn, ink the front of a 2 7/8" wide scalloped library card pocket. Cover the front of the pocket with 2 7/8"x2 ½" of text paper. Glue a 2 7/8"x1 ¼" strip of pink dots paper across the center of the pocket. Ink the edges of the pocket black and glue to cover, flush with the bottom and ¾" from the right. Insert a few Affirmation cards into the pocket.
  5. Chipboard pieces: Ink the following chipboard pieces copper: three ¾" round buttons, 1 butterfly, and 1 safety pin. Ink the following black: three 1" square buttons, two ¾" round buttons, one ¾" square button, 1 butterfly, and 1 dress form. Ink a pair of scissors black with copper for the blades. Glue tiny pink strips of paper to the small black round and square buttons. Glue buttons to top right corner. Glue a copper butterfly overlapping the right side of the scalloped rectangle tag. Glue the black butterfly overlapping the top left of the birdcage journaling page. Glue the copper safety pin below the butterfly. Glue the dress form on top of the Kraft journaling block at the bottom of the cover. Glue the scissors and a small black round button to the front of the library pocket.
  6. Buttons on binding: Glue a round copper button on top of a black square and glue to the center of the binding, between the two holes. Take the other two black square buttons and punch a hole in the center of each with the Crop-a-Dile. Push the posts through the buttons. Glue the copper circle buttons on top of the posts and insert into album cover.
  7. Ink the edges of 4 ½"x1" of pink dot paper and glue across the top of the pink journaling page, ½" from the edge of the page. Glue a 4 ½"x1/4" strip of dark brown texture over the center of the pink strip. Ink the edges of 3 of the number circles from the packet of Affirmations. Glue the 3 digits across the pink strip as shown.
  8. Glue a large paper butterfly over the top right scalloped circle. Glue a small one at the bottom of the title. Glue a paper flower to the bottom left scalloped circle.