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Vintage Keyhole Album

Ann Bernklau

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Vintage Keyhole Album
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tip: To ink the cover, make sure your copper inkpad isn't too juicy. Sweep the inkpad across the cover using light, brisk strokes to create the soft shimmery look. The black lines on the cover are pressed into the cover, so they will remain black if you ink lightly, not using too much pressure.



  1. Use the Crop-a-Dile to punch a 3/16" hole in the left side of the front cover, 1" from the top and 3/8" from the left. Punch a second hole lined up with the first 1" from the bottom. Punch the third hole in line in between the two holes. Take both covers together like a book and make a mark through each hole in the front cover to show on the inside of the back cover. Punch these marked holes on the back cover to match up with the front.
  2. Making sure the Copper St?zOn inkpad isn't too saturated with ink, swipe the inkpad lightly across the front cover in a diagonal direction. The ink should show up lightly on most of the cover, except for the black embossed areas. Swipe the ink across the other diagonal, creating a textured, metallic look. Ink more heavily around the edges of the cover and let dry.
  3. Place the largest black Flourish Stacked Dazzles in the center of the circle on the front cover. Back the medium black flourish with brown cardstock and foam tape over the center of the large flourish.
  4. Lightly ink the raised parts on the copper keyhole with the Copper St?zOn. Cut two 10" pieces of burgundy sheer swirl ribbon. Thread one through the top hole on the keyhole and one through the bottom. Foam tape the keyhole to the center of the brown piece and tape the ends of the ribbon to the inside of the cover. Place small black flourishes on the corners of the square on the cover as shown.
  5. Place the black Dazzles border along the binding holes. Cut out the parts that cover the holes. Put a binding ring through each hole. Tie small pieces of sheer burgundy swirl, sheer gold swirl, and brown grid ribbons around each of the binding rings.