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It's a Boy Thing Page

Ann Bernklau

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It's a Boy Thing Page
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tip: Back the Dazzles with colored paper to make them stand out on the page.



  1. Start with the blue diamonds paper as the background. Place the stars Dazzles border along the long edge of a 5"x12" piece of yellow paper and trim around the sticker. Glue the yellow piece to the right side of the blue diamonds paper.
  2. Mat a 4"x6" photo with black paper, leaving a 1/16" border. Mat again onto yellow paper, leaving a ¼" border. Glue the photo to the page 1" from the left and 1 ½" from the bottom. Glue black/white stitched grosgrain ribbon along all four sides of the photo.
  3. Back the "BOY" Dazzles with yellow paper. Place the "It's a BOY thing" Dazzles above the photo. Embellish around the title with star and planet Dazzles, backing them with colored paper as shown.
  4. Mat two 2½"x4" photos on black paper, leaving a 1/16" border. Cut two 2½"x4" pieces of blue texture paper. Glue a blue rectangle to the page tilted to the left 1" from the top and centered on the yellow strip. Glue the first small photo on top of the blue rectangle, tilted to the right. Glue the bottom blue piece and photo in a similar manner, about 1" from the bottom.
  5. Take the frog Brad Buddie and color over the raised parts with the black permanent marker. Attach to the bottom right of the top photo. Sand down the surface of the bicycle Brad Buddie with the sanding block until the metal spokes show. Attach to the bottom left of the bottom photo.
  6. Back the dinosaur, pickup truck, and snail Dazzles with colored paper as shown and glue along the bottom of the large photo.