3-D Butterfly Ornament

Ann Bernklau

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3-D Butterfly Ornament
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: Before folding up the butterfly wings, stick the butterflies back to back with the string sandwiched in between the bodies. This makes it easier to line up the butterflies exactly. Make sure you have somewhere to hang your ornament to dry before you start applying the Stickles.



  1. Peel off 1 large gold and 1 large clear 3D butterflies of the same shape. Cut a 5" single strand of the Almond Silky Color Infusions and place one end on the sticky body of one butterfly with the string coming out the top. Place the second butterfly back-to-back with the first butterfly, sandwiching the string in between the two. Fold up the wings of both butterflies to get the 3-D effect.
  2. Place teal Jewel Dazzles on the body of the gold butterfly and a few on the clear butterfly.
  3. Cover the backs of the wings of both butterflies with Mermaid Stickles and let dry (overnight is best).
  4. Take one half of the clear ball ornament and dab a tiny bit of Tacky Glue on the rim at the top. Place the string over the Tacky Glue and make sure your butterflies are hanging at the right height, then close the other half of the ball, making sure the plastic loops line up at the top.
  5. Peel off the swirls Gold Border Dazzles and place it on the ornament along the seam between the two halves. Add small Jewel Dazzles scattered throughout the gold border. Fill in some areas of the border with Mermaid Stickles.
  6. Place three medium Teal Jewel Dazzles across the top of the ornament, then place lines of small Jewels extending from the three. Use the medium Jewel Dazzles for the centers of some small gold flowers (from the 3-D Butterflies sheet). Place the flower Dazzles on the ornament as shown. Repeat for the second half and for the bottom of each half.
  7. Cut five 12" pieces of Turquoise Memory Thread. Thread four of the pieces through the clear loop and tie in knots. Curl all the ends with a pencil. Thread the last piece through the loop and twist ends at the base to make a hanger for your ornament.
  8. Glue a gold 3-D butterfly to one of the Memory Thread curls.