Follow Your Dreams

Susan Cobb

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Follow Your Dreams
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: These boxes are definitely fun, and a great addition to add to the wall of your favorite room or office! It also makes a great gift.



  1. Paint the outside of the lid and the insides plus outer front edges of the individual boxes. Let dry. Repeat with another coat of paint if needed for coverage. Cover some of the boxes with papers and some with photos.
  2. Attach the Artisan Element pieces to a plastic sheet protector, then spritz them with Sea Kiss, and/or Emerald Sprinkle Smooch, plus a little Gold Glow over the top. I spritz some with a little more Emerald for more green color, and some with more Sea Kiss for more blue color. Let the pieces dry, then peel off the plastic and add to your project. Lightly spritz the butterflies and flowers with Smooch as well.
  3. Add photos, paper, the artisan elements, flowers and butterflies to decorate your box as desired. Finish by adding ribbons and gold petite Dazzles.