Happy Easter card

Ann Bernklau

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Happy Easter card
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tip: The holographic sticker sheets are self adhesive and work well with the punches to make dragonfly and butterfly-shaped holographic stickers.



  1. With the fold on top, glue a 6½"x2" strip of hot pink texture across the bottom. Glue a 6½"x3" piece of light green texture across the top. Cut a 1/8" thin strip of pink holographic and place it between the 2 colors. Add 1/8" wide strips of purple holographic along all 4 sides of the card.
  2. Back the Easter basket with lilac texture, hot pink texture, and back the eggs with the 4 colors of holographic. Glue the basket to the card 1" from the left and bottom.
  3. Back "Happy" with pink holographic and place on card ½" from the top and 1 ¼" from the right. Place "Easter" just under it and to the right.
  4. Back 2 medium and 2 small eggs with holographic and place by the Easter basket as shown.
  5. Punch out 4 butterflies and 2 dragonflies from the holographic and place around the basket and words as shown.