Happy Easter Large Pail

Ann Bernklau

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Happy Easter Large Pail
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tip: Hang felt eggs from the pail handle for a fun look. They would also make a cute Easter egg garland.



  1. Cut 1" strips of pink pearl paper and place them on the inside of the pail at the top and bottom. Hold them in place with tape or Zots. Cover the inside of the pail with Easter Eggs paper.
  2. Back the row of Easter eggs Dazzles with white cardstock. Use chalk to color them in and glue to the front of the pail near the bottom. Back the Easter Bunny with pink pearl paper and white cardstock and glue to the pail overlapping the Easter eggs on the right side.
  3. Place "Happy Easter" onto green pearl paper and cut around. Glue to the pail to the left of the Easter Bunny. Cut the tabs off of 6 felt eggs and glue them onto varied colors of pearl paper. Cut around and add colored crystals. Glue the eggs along the top of the pail.
  4. For the handle: Use the Pretty & Playful ribbons to tie 4 felt Easter eggs to the handle, spaced out evenly.
  5. For the lid: Cover the lid with a 5" circle of pink pearl. Cover the bottom of the circle with green pearl. Back a row of Dazzles eggs with white cardstock and cut out. Color with chalk and glue on top of the green pearl. Back a hatching chick with white cardstock, color with chalk, and add lavender and light blue crystals. Glue to lid on the left side over the Easter eggs. Back 2 flowers with purple, blue, and green pearl paper and add lavender and light blue crystals. Glue to lid to the right of the chick.