About Maya Page

Ann Bernklau

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the 6 Color Me Gold Papers & 12 Ink Pads, or you can order them separately.

About Maya Page
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: Blend the different colors of ink together for a soft effect. The Brilliance inkpads are great for the direct ink-to-paper coloring method and they blend easily.



  1. Start with the gold swirls paper. Cover the page with rust, crimson, and poppy inks by gently rubbing the inkpads onto the paper in a circular motion. Wipe off excess ink with a paper towel.
  2. Cut a 5"x4¾" photo. Cut a 5¼"x5" piece of white cardstock and ink the sides with beige. Mat the photo onto the beige cardstock. Do the same for a 2¾"x3¾" photo and a 3"x4" mat. Cut out the scallop border from the Color Me Gold Tags. Ink the straight edge of the border beige, fading to white at the scalloped edge. Glue the border to the right side of each of the photos, trimming it to fit. Glue the larger photo 1½" from the right and 2" from the top.
  3. Cut out the large straight tag and ink the border beige. Journal on it and glue to the page 2" from the left and 1¼" from the top. Zot a pink sheer bow to the top of the tag. Glue the smaller photo 2¾" from the left and bottom, overlapping the tag and the larger photo.
  4. Cut out the fancy tag with the scalloped top. Use an X-acto® knife to cut out the inner shape of the tag and set the inner shape aside. Ink the outer shape with beige. Journal on the inner shape, then glue both pieces together onto white cardstock and trim around. Glue to page 3½" from the right and 1¾" from the bottom. Zot a sheer orange bow to the top of the tag.
  5. Cut out 1¼" of the straight gold Color Me border and glue below the scalloped tag. Zot a piece of sheer pink ribbon over it, trimming to fit. Cut out another 1¼" piece of border and glue above the large tag. Zot a piece of sheer orange ribbon over the tag, trimming to fit.
  6. Wrap sheer pink and orange ribbons criss-crossing each other around the bottom left and top right of the page. Adhere the ribbons with Zots and tape the ends to the back of the page.