Happiness Binder

Ann Bernklau

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Happiness Binder
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: I placed Jewel Dazzles behind the flower centers on the Far East Dazzles and on the flowers on the Bountiful papers, to add sparkle



  1. Ink all the edges (including the edges of the spine) with Jet Black St?zOn. Cover the front with the green Bountiful paper with the flowers at the bottom left corner. Place the crystal/lace flourish over the flowers as shown. Place two corner Dazzles at the top and bottom left corners. Add small Jewel Dazzles to the centers of the flowers on the paper.
  2. Place the black circular Dazzles on lilac pattern paper. Cut around it, leaving a 3/8" border. Glue the circle to the top right of the binder, 5/8" from the top and right. Use the Dazzles Transfer sheet to place the flower circle onto the circle design. With an craft knife, lift up the flowers and place Jewel Dazzles behind them so they show through as the flower centers. Place the word "Happiness" below the circle design.
  3. Cut a 1 ¼" piece of Dazzles swirl border and place it at the top, 1 ¾" from the left. Place a 1 ½" piece of border ½" away from the first piece, and place a 1 ¼" border ½" away from the second piece.
  4. Tie small knots of narrow burgundy grosgrain and sheer lilac ribbon on the tops of 3 Dangle Elements. Glue the Elements on the binder at the ends of the swirl borders.
  5. For the insert: Cover the insert with purple flourish paper with the flourish at the bottom left corner. Punch all the holes. Glue a 1 ¼"x5 ¾" strip of floral paper along the right side, covering the tab. Trim excess paper. Glue a ¼"x5 ¾" strip of lilac texture along the floral paper. Place the Asian symbol border along the seam between the lilac and floral papers and trim off excess.
  6. Place small corner Dazzles on a 2" square of green paper. Place the symbol and the word "Strength" in the center of the square and glue to insert 1 ¾" from the right and bottom. Glue a bow of green crepe ribbon to the bottom left of the green square. Back the flower centers on the Dazzles branch with Jewel Dazzles and place the branch at the top right. Place a black swirl at the bottom left and add small Jewel Dazzles. Ink all edges black.