Everlasting Happiness Smooch Card

Susan Cobb

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Everlasting Happiness Smooch Card
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: The smooch marbleizing technique is easy to do, and just takes a shallow tray and water in addition to your smooch colors. Each marbleized piece you create is unique-it always looks different, but beautiful! I also painted in some details of the stamped images with Moonlight Smooch for highlights.



  1. Marbelizing technique: Cut a 5" square white cardstock rectangle. Swirl the tip of the Sugarberry Smooch brush on the surface of the water in the tray. Repeat for the Azure, allowing the colors to swirl together on the water (you will only see a small amount of color on the water). Press the white cardstock rectangle against the surface of the water, then press just below the surface, remove from the water and let dry.
  2. Trim a 3 ¼"x3" rectangle from the marbleized square. Trim a 2 ½"x1" rectangle and a 1 1/4" square of the remaining marbleized cardstock and set aside for the inside. Stamp the "Everlasting Happiness" image on the center of the marbleized rectangle with black ink, then stamp the border image on the left edge. Ink the edges of the rectangle and mat on purple textured paper, leaving a ¼" border. Ink the edges.
  3. Cut the card to a 5" square. Cut a 5" square from blue/purple floral paper. Ink the edges black. Glue the matted marbleized square to the center of the paper square. Stamp 3 flowers on the excess scraps of marbleized card stock, and cut them out. Paint the petals with Moonlight Smooch. Paint in the flowers on the stamped image with Moonlight smooch as well. Let dry.
  4. Wrap the left side of the paper square with color infusions, gluing the ends to the back of the paper. Glue the paper even with the card front. Foam tape the stamped and painted flowers over the center of the color infusions.
  5. Inside the card: Ink the edges of the 2 ½"x1" marbleized rectangle and 1 ¼" square. Write or computer print "Today and always" on the center of the rectangle, then mat on purple leaving a 1/8" border. Ink the edges. Mat the marbleized square on purple, leaving a 1/8" border and ink the edges. Stamp a butterfly on the center of the square.
  6. Cut a 5"x3" blue/purple floral rectangle and ink the edges. Wrap the left side with color infusions securing the ends to the back with glue. Glue the word block and butterfly plaque to the rectangle as shown. Glue the rectangle centered on the inside. Paint in the body of the stamped butterfly with Moonlight Smooch and let dry.