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Happy Valentine's Day Pail

Susan Cobb

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Happy Valentine's Day Pail
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: Attach felt pieces and rose ribbon with Zots. This would make a fun container for Valentine treats, or a small gift.



  1. Remove the lid from the pail. Cut a 9"x2 ¼" pink cardstock rectangle and place along the inside edge of the pail. Hold in place with Zots.
  2. Glue thin red grosgrain ribbon around the top and bottom edges of the outside of the pail. Decorate the pail with felt hearts, Dazzles, and ribbons as shown. Decorate the top of the lid as well.
  3. Tie ribbons to the handle, alternating colors for contrast. Cut a tag from pink cardstock. Write or computer print "Happy Valentine's Day" on the center, then Zot to the handle near the ribbons.