Happy Birthday!

Susan Cobb

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Happy Birthday!
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: Use a few flowers from the green numbered embellishment to decorate the inside.



  1. With the fold at the top, cover the card front with teal tiles paper. Ink the top edge of a 6 ½"x¼" strip of pink cardstock and glue across the card, 2" from the top. Cover the bottom 2¾" of the card front with yellow/teal dots paper, then ink the edges of the card.
  2. Punch out the embellishment pieces with pink numbers. Ink the edges brown. Glue piece #1 to the card front as shown. Punch out piece #2 and foam tape over its matching design. Repeat foam taping until the design is complete.
  3. Write or computer print "Happy Birthday!" on pink cardstock. Trim to a 2"x1 1/8" rectangle, then trim the corners of the right end for a tag shape. Ink the edges brown. Ink edges of a ¼"x1 1/8" yellow/teal dotted strip and glue vertically to the left side of the tag. Mat the tag on teal tiles paper, leaving a thin border, then ink the edges. Add a ribbon tab to the end, then glue the tag to the lower left side of the card front, ½" from the bottom. Place nailheads and ribbon as shown.
  4. Inside the card: Write or computer print a message on pink cardstock and trim to a rectangle. Ink the edges, and double mat on yellow/teal dots paper, then teal tiles paper. Glue centered to the inside.
  5. Place 3mm nailheads along the bottom of the yellow paper. Foam tape a few flowers from the green numbered design together and add overlapping the matting.