Sisters Page

Susan Cobb

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Sisters Page
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: I used some of the Dazzle stickers as they are, and some inked with Metallic Copper St?zOn ink for a pretty metallic look against the brown paper. I love the pretty hint of pink that the copper ink gives to the stickers. I also used the copper ink to edge the matting.



  1. Turn the background paper so the roses corner is at the lower left corner of the page. Mat the 5"x7" photo on brown swirls paper, leaving a 1/8" border. Mat again on pink dots paper, leaving a ½" border at the top and sides, with a 1" border across the bottom. Ink the edges with the copper ink and let dry. Glue to the page, 3/8" from the right side and ¾" from the top. Cut an 8 ½"x¼" strip from the dictionary paper and tear each end so the strip is 8 ¼" long. Ink the top edge with copper ink and let dry. Glue across the bottom of the pink dotted photo mat.
  2. Use the template to trace a bracket label from tan/pink/green swirls paper. Cut it out and ink the edges brown. Mat on pink dotted paper leaving a 1/16" border. Write or computer print journaling on the label, then add small Dazzles as shown. Ink the edges with copper ink and let dry. Glue to the lower right portion of the page. Zot a ribbon knot to lower right edge.
  3. Cut around the stickers on the Dazzles sheets you will ink. Shake the ink bottle well, then add ink to the pad, spreading it evenly. Use the ink pad directly onto the stickers to apply the copper ink. Let dry and repeat for a second coat. Let dry thoroughly before handling.
  4. Place the copper inked scalloped border centered across the bottom edge of the 5"x7" photo, overlapping it. Place a narrow black border sticker directly beneath the inked scalloped border. Place the large inked swirl sticker to the left of the matted photo, then add the smaller swirl to the end as shown. Add the medium sized inked swirl sticker overlapping the upper left of the journaling label. Place a black scalloped swirl sticker to the upper right corner of the photo.
  5. Cut out 2 leaf shapes from dictionary paper. Ink the edges of one leaf with copper ink and let dry. Ink the front side of the second leaf with copper ink and let dry. Layer the two leaves on the left edge of the border Dazzles on the photo mat. Add a small black swirl sticker to the dictionary paper leaf. Cut a length of ribbon with 3 ivory roses. Pull the ends together and Zot the roses to the bottom of the leaves as shown. Zot ribbons near the roses.
  6. Cut part of the pink scalloped border from the dictionary paper and ink the edges. Tear one end so you have a 2" length and glue to the right edge of the photo mat, overlapping the border Dazzles as shown. Add a small black scalloped swirl sticker. Punch a ¾" circle from dictionary paper and punch two 1/16" holes at the center for a faux button. Ink the edges copper and let dry. Thread a thin strip of pink dots paper through the holes and secure at the back with glue. Foam tape over the paper border and swirl sticker as shown. Glue a strip of ivory roses ribbon along the right side of the photo. Glue knotted ribbons to the right of the rose border, as shown.