Happy Birthday Smooch Card

Susan Cobb

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Happy Birthday Smooch Card
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: For a finer all-over spray, spritz the smooch from further away; for heavier concentrated color, spritz the smooch close to the project. I spritzed this card from about 8" away.



  1. Place your blank card front face up on your covered work surface. Place the rose stencil on the right side of the blank card front, then spritz it with the Pink Sprinkles Smooch. With the stencil still in place, spritz with Wine Berry Smooch. Remove the stencil and spritz over the card with Pink Sprinkles, then Gold Glow. Let dry.
  2. Spritz the 2"x3" calling card very lightly with Pink Sprinkles, then Wine Berry, then Gold Glow smooch. Let dry.
  3. Open the card out flat onto your cutting mat. Use your knife to carefully cut around the leaves and lower left portion of the rose stem as shown, then ink the edges of the cut areas with pink sprinkles and a cosmetic sponge.
  4. Wrap the left side of the card with ribbon, tie and add a pink rose to the knot. Tuck the spritzed calling card beneath the cut area of the leaves and stem, overlapping the ribbon as shown. Add a "Happy Birthday" tag and Zot pink ribbon roses to the bottom of the calling card.