Hailee Marie Page

Ann Bernklau

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Hailee Marie Page
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: You can either use the whole template as it comes, or you can just fill in certain shapes where you want them to appear on your page (which I did for this page). When inking the intricate dandelions, use a dabbing motion with the cosmetic sponge instead of a rubbing motion. This prevents the ink from getting under the template and can also prevent damage to the small details on the template.



  1. Take the yellow pearlescent cardstock and place the template on it with the grass at the bottom. Tape the template down with stencil tape. Use a cosmetic sponge to apply Bamboo Leaves ink in all the grass areas.
  2. Cut three 1 ½"x4" photos. Mat two onto green pearlescent cardstock, leaving a 1/8" border. Mat the other two onto purple and red pearlescent cardstock. Journal onto a 1 ¾"x1 ½" piece of white cardstock. Ink the edges using Bamboo Leaves and a cosmetic sponge and mat onto purple pearlescent, leaving a 1/8" border. Journal onto a 1 ½"x2 ¾" piece of white cardstock, ink edges and mat the same way.
  3. Glue the purple photo 3 ½" from the left and 3 ½" from the bottom. Glue a green photo 3/16" to the right of the first photo and 3 ¼" from the top. Glue the red photo 3/16" to the right of the second photo and 4 ½" from the top. Glue the last photo 3/16" to the right of the third photo and 2 ¼" from the top. Glue the small journaling block 3/16" above the red photo and the long journaling block 3/16" below the rightmost photo.
  4. Reposition and tape the template as needed to sponge in 3 flower stems, 2 on the left and one near the middle bottom. Use Grape Jelly for the left flower and Lilac Posies for the other two flowers. Reposition the template to sponge in the multi-colored butterflies and dragonflies scattered throughout the page. You can make them go off the page too.