"For You" Color Me Tag

Susan Cobb

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"For you" Color Me Tag
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: This time I mixed raspberry and pebble ink for a lovely plum color, in two shades; for the darker plum shade, I used 3 drops raspberry and 4 drops pebble ink and blended it onto the paper with the applicator dampened with blending solution. For the lighter shade, use less ink and several drops of blending solution. I covered the tag with the inked paper.



  1. Cover a manila shipping tag with Color Me Glossy Flourish paper, trimming the edges evenly with the tag. Dampen an applicator felt with blending solution, then add 3 drops of raspberry ink and 4 drops of pebble ink and blend it onto the paper with the dampened applicator, mixing the colors for a dark plum color.
  2. Cut loosely around a small butterfly and color it with the same ink mixture. Use a paper towel moistened with blending solution to remove excess color from the white design.
  3. Loosely cut around the border and small tag. Use less ink and several drops of blending solution on an applicator felt to achieve a lighter shade of plum for the border and small tag. Punch a hole at the top of the small tag, tie with ribbon and Zot to the top of the large tag.
  4. Glue the border across the center of the large tag and foam tape the center of the butterfly to the border as shown. Cut a small tag from white cardstock, then write or computer print "For you" on it, glue to the small inked tag.