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Time Together Page

LeNae Gerig

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Time Together Page
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tip: You won't need to foam tape gears to the right side of the clock/gear border because the large clock will cover the end. Use the excess gears scattered under the photo as more accent.



  1. Place the gears border on the left side of the page. Tear the bottom edge of a 2 ½"x9" strip of clock diamond paper and glue 1" from the page top and 2 1/2 " from the right side.
  2. Glue the 6"x4" photo 2 ¾" from the top of the page, overlapping the paper strip. Glue a length of brown dot ribbon down the left edge with a burgundy bow at the bottom
  3. Assemble the Papier Tole Clocks according to the directions. Glue the clock border below the photo with a 9"x ¾" strip of tan squares paper under the border. Glue the large Tole clock to the right corner of the photo.
  4. Glue a 1 ½"x2 ¼" photo with a ribbon tab at the top tucked under the top edge of the clock. Glue the title and journaling strips to the page as shown. Use unused gears from the border and glue and foam tape below the border.