Me & My Girls Tray

Susan Cobb

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the Brown Letter Box Tray, or you can order them separately.

Me & My Girls Tray
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: I inked some of the dazzles with copper ink for a pretty look, and decorated the edges of the tray and inside compartments with them. I also inked the edges of the labels shapes. The 15 Lovely Labels Template is great for creating pretty shapes for inside the compartments, so you don't have to cover the inside exactly. To use a large shape, I cut it into pieces to fit in three adjacent compartments, to continue the shape over a larger area. I love adding the little ribbon roses to the compartments-they add a very pretty touch.



  1. Line some of the compartments with patterned paper, or glue strips of paper across them. You can also line a few compartments with ribbons. Cut a variety of labels from different patterned papers and ink the edges copper or brown. Mat some of them on contrasting paper, or on a larger label shape, or simply glue to the inside of the compartments. Mat cropped photos in square or rectangular shapes, or label shapes. Play with different combinations of shapes and colors in different compartments before attaching them to the tray.
  2. To create the cute little pink envelope, use the template to trace a beveled label from pink dotted paper and cut it out. Fold the sides in toward the white center. Now fold the bottom up, and the top down over it to create a flap. Ink the edges brown and glue in place. Ink a narrow strip of paper copper, let dry, and glue across the flap. Zot a small ivory rose over the center of the copper paper strip. Decorate the bottom of the envelope with ribbon and glue to the compartment as shown.
  3. Now that you have the paper shapes and photos in the compartments, you can embellish with ribbons, small rose ribbon, Dazzles, and words. Remove the Dazzles you wish to use from the backing and determine which ones you will ink with copper ink. Place the Dazzles to be inked on a piece of smooth plastic, such as a plastic page protector. Ink the Dazzles and let dry. Ink a second time as needed for coverage, and let dry. Remove the Dazzles and attach to the tray, inside the compartments and on the outside edges. Add some black Dazzles to the tray as well.
  4. Attach an inked border sticker to green ribbon, trim the ends to fit inside a compartment, and glue in place. Write or computer print words or names on textured paper and trim to rectangles. Mat on brown textured paper and glue as shown. Add ribbons and ribbon roses as desired. Tie ribbons to the handle at the top.