Thinking of You Card

Susan Cobb

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Thinking of You Card
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: I used the chisel tip of the cool tool for this stencil, because it has a sharp point for the tiny spaces of the iris design. Once you have removed the stencil, you can cut through any areas of Tex paper as needed with the Cool Tool. To back the iris stained glass window Tex paper design with purple and blue papers, I used the stencil to trace around the window shapes, cut a bit outside the lines, then layered the purple and blue shapes together and glued the Tex paper cut design over the top.



  1. With the fold at the left, cover the card front with purple/blue/green/white striped paper. Ink the edges.
  2. Place a piece of white Tex paper on a heat proof surface, then place the iris stained glass template over the Tex paper. Use stencil tape to secure the template in place. Use the point of the chisel tip of the cool tool to cut the Tex paper inside the spaces of the stencil, and around the outside edges. When finished, remove the tape and the stencil.
  3. Back the center, Iris portion, of the Tex paper design with purple textured paper, and the outer "window" portion with blue paper (see tip above). Ink the edges, mat on green textured paper and ink the edges. Glue centered on the striped card front, 7/8" from the bottom. Glue word a fragment and bow below the stenciled image as shown.