Butterfly Border Card

LeNae Gerig

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the Border System & 24 Punches, or you can order them separately.

Butterfly Border Card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tip: Use the Tonic Border System guides set to 3.5cm on each side of the Tonic Punch. Begin by punching the center of the card and then line up the guard with the one side of the outer edge of the punched image. Repeat several times and then move to the opposite side of the first punched image.



  1. Place the card fold at the top. Evenly space 6 butterfly punches along the card inside back, bottom edge. Glue purple paper to the back of the card to show through the punched images.
  2. Cover the bottom 2 ½" of the card front edge with purple paper and punch 7 Fancy Edger images above the butterflies. Glue a 6 ½"x ¾" strip of striped paper above the Fancy punched edge.
  3. Layer lavender silk flowers and secure to the purple diamond paper using a purple brad. Glue the purple paper even with the card edges. Glue a pink stitched border cut out over the seam between the striped paper border and diamond paper.
  4. Place medium and small Dazzles( butterflies along with white punched butterflies to the right of the flower. Foam tape "Congratulations" to the right side of the pink border.