25th Anniversary Page

Ann Bernklau

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the Anniversary Tole Page or you can order them separately.

25th Anniversary Page
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tip: The horizontal ribbon border also works well when placed vertically, as in this layout. Remember to print or write on the second layer of the label papier tole before you mount it on foam tape.



  1. Start with the text/roses paper with the roses on the top left. Cut a brown swirl paper down to 11"x11" and glue to the center of the page.
  2. Ink the edges of a 4 x2 photo with Timber Brown StāzOn. Mat onto the tan allover rose pattern paper, leaving a 1/8 border. Glue the photo to the page, 1 from the top and 1 from the left. Ink and mat a 4 x3 photo in the same way and glue to the page below the first photo and 1 from the left. Repeat with a 3 x3 photo and glue to the page 1 from the bottom and right.
  3. Cut a 5 x3 piece of pink/green swirl and print some journaling on it. Glue to the page 1 from the left and bottom. Journal onto a 5 x4 piece of pink/green swirl and glue to the page 1 from the top and 1 from the right.
  4. Remove the number 2 layer of the pink label image on the papier tole sheet. Print a title on it, then punch out the remaining pieces of the image and assemble the papier tole piece according to the instructions on the sheet. Glue the title between the top photo and the journaling block as shown. Remove a butterfly from the sheet and glue above the journaling block.
  5. Assemble the ribbon border papier tole and the rose bunch papier tole. Glue the ribbon border to the left of the top photos and glue the rose bunch between the bottom journaling block and photo as shown. Glue a small butterfly to the top left corner of the bottom journaling block.