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Celebration Card

Celebration Card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tip: Use the Jewel Dazzles™ to frame a simple window and accent the centers of the flower paper and flower embellishment.


  1. Place the card fold on the top. Cover the card with aqua paper and ink the edges brown. Cut a 6x 4 rectangle of flower tile paper, ink the edges brown and glue a 6x 1 strip of peach tile paper across the rectangle flower paper and 5/8 from the bottom edge. Glue the flower tile paper flush with the top of the card.
  2. Punch a 2 1/8 circle, from the right edge of the card and from the bottom. Place medium teal Jewels around the outside edge of the circle. Place tiny Jewels at the center of the flowers on the tile paper on the card front.
  3. Stamp Celebration! on the paper bookplate cut-out and glue to the left side of the border.
  4. Inside the card: Glue the flower border from the peach paper along the bottom edge of the card inside back, placing a striped flower in the circle window. Secure 2 stacked aqua paper flowers at the center and secure with the silver brad. Place a large Jewel at the center of the brad.
  5. Glue a length of floral tile paper at the top of the card inside back and stamp Happy Birthday! under the border.