Thank You Multi-Shaper Card

Ann Bernklau

Get the punch needed to make this project with the Marta Multi-Shaper Punch Marta Multi-Shaper II Punch .

Thank You Multi-Shaper Card
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tip: The label going off the edge of the card gives a fun, unique look.



  1. Place the card with the fold on the left. Cover card with green floral. Take a sheet of purple texture and use the cosmetic wedge with the brown ink to ink the top and left edges. Rotate the sheet clockwise so the inked corner is pointing to the right. Place the corner on the card 1/4" from the right and 2" from the top and glue the piece down. Trim the excess paper.
  2. Take a parchment sheet and punch along two edges (include the corner) with the Marta multi-shaper punch. Glue over the purple shape 1/4" from the edge of the purple as shown, then trim off excess paper. Ink all the edges of the card.
  3. Trim off the left 3/4" of the oblong purple label. Print a greeting on the larger piece. Glue to the card 1" from the top and flush with the left side. Ink the edge of the label.
  4. Tape the end of 6" of sheer purple ribbon to the back of the card, 2" from the bottom. Run the ribbon straight across the front of the card and tape the other end to the inside of the flap. Cut 9" of the same ribbon and string under the ribbon strip, then tie in a bow. Zot in place if necessary.